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Deal advisory that helps you win the pricing game

Dark Horse is an IT contract negotiation and deal advisory partner that helps you drive significant savings in the final stage of renewal or new-buy negotiation with major vendors like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, AWS, Workday and other major technology and software brands. We work on contingency, so we only earn a fee if we help you improve your pricing and terms. There’s zero risk.

We negotiate with IT companies. Every day.

When you’re dealing with big tech players, it helps to know all the rules of the game. That’s where Dark Horse comes in. We’re the ringer they don’t see coming: the one who knows exactly how the game is played, how the players think, and what strategies they use to complicate, confuse and ultimately protect their very generous gross margins.

Independent and unbiased

One of the things our clients appreciate about Dark Horse is that we’re fully independent ‒ we have no economic ties to any vendors or resellers, so whatever we do is always aligned with your interests.

Deep organization intel from well-connected industry leaders

Our Global Deal Advisory Network is made up of 80+ former sales VPs from Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Workday and other major technology and software brands. Their intel gives us (and you) a huge advantage: there’s nothing vendors can throw at us that we don’t see coming.

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“Companies are facing incredibly complex pricing structures, zero transparency and high-pressure sales tactics. We’re here to simplify, clarify and take away the stress.”
- Brad McCamus, Dark Horse Co-Founder


The industry is opaque enough. We tell you exactly what we’re thinking, what we plan to do, and the results we think we can get for you. No complexity, we promise.


It’s your negotiation, we’re just here to support you. We respect your vendor relationships and will never do anything to damage them.


When you’re in the final mile, we’re there with you, responding fast and getting it done before the deadline.

Meet the Dark Horse leadership team

We’ve been in the deal advisory game for 20+ years. Our leaders started off on the sell side (they were the ones with all the complicated sales strategies and the not-so-final “final offers”). Now they’re on the buy side, helping companies save money on tech contracts. And they’ve been doing it all day, every day, since 2015.
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Brad McCamus
Dark Horse Co-Founder
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Scott Wambolt
Dark Horse Co-Founder
“Dark Horse knew the hierarchy at Microsoft, up to the Regional President of Sales. This is a huge value-add.”
- CPO from a large software and media company

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