IT consulting services that

change the game

Why bring in Dark Horse? Because we have intel nobody else can offer.

You have established relationships with vendors and you aren’t new to the pricing strategies, negotiations and licensing pitfalls of the enterprise software game. So how can Dark Horse IT consulting services help you save money on your IT contracts? It comes down to three things:

The sheer number of contracts
we negotiate each year.

You negotiate your renewals every few years. But we help companies get the best prices every day. Our intel is up to the minute, thanks to our Global Advisory Network: over 80 IT sales leaders who are tapped into what’s happening with enterprise software sales right now.

We know people who know people (who know people).

Our Global Advisory Network gives us exclusive inside knowledge and insights to use as leverage in negotiations. We know how salespeople are paid, who reports to who, who’s up for promotion, who internally approved the pricing exceptions, and what’s currently possible or not in the deal.

We keep you  in the driver’s seat.

We always work through you and won’t do anything without your consent: involving us won’t make you look confrontational or damage your relationship with the vendor. We come from their side of the table, so we know what they’re thinking about, what they care about, and what they’re willing to gain in exchange for a better price.

Plus, it’s risk-free.

The initial review is free and no-obligation. If we see room for meaningful improvement, you can engage us, and you pay a percentage of the amount we help you save. But if we don’t think you can do better, we’ll say so, and you get free third-party validation of your deal, and the peace of mind of knowing you’re making the right move.

IT Contract Negotiation

In the final mile of an IT contract negotiation? We’ll review it, approve it or improve it, risk-free. You only pay if we save you money.
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Licensing Optimization

Stop paying for what you’re not using: our IT consulting services ensure you’re not overspending on your software.
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Audit Defense

Are you facing a software audit? We’ll help you avoid big non-compliance charges or pressure to buy products you don’t need.
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Find out what other companies are paying and how your software agreements measure up.
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“Dark Horse gave us the confidence that there was a better deal available and told us who the right person is that can pull the lever and make those changes happen. You cannot replicate that.”
-CIO from a global digital marketing agency