ERP Consulting & Negotiation

Gain clarity before signing

There aren’t many players in this space: Oracle, SAP and Microsoft dominate ERP, and they’re all challenging to deal with at contract renewal time. And as things are moving to the cloud, that challenge has increased exponentially, along with price. One of the biggest hurdles organizations face are the ever-changing terms and conditions. There’s a lot of complexity and zero transparency, so we see a lot of companies signing contracts they don’t fully understand ‒ and they’re paying for it down the road.

Some of the ERP vendors we support

“We don’t know enough about the negotiations. The information asymmetry between us and the vendor bites us. We recognize the value of Dark Horse here and how they can help.”

Negotiation in action

Bringing in Dark Horse will save you that future pain. We recently negotiated an ERP contract for a state government, and helped them get a staggering 75% off list price, simply by having a full understanding of what they needed and didn’t need, and a clear view of what certain terms and conditions meant to their bottom line.
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