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Risk-free last mile IT contract negotiation

As technology changes, it gets harder and harder to know if you’re getting a good deal. Is your vendor’s “best and final” offer really their best? Chances are, there’s still flexibility...but they won’t tell you that.

So how do you get to their actual best price? Give us 4 hours to review the contract at no cost and we’ll tell you. If it’s a good deal, we’ll say so, and you can proceed with a confirmed third-party review to back you up.

But if we think it could be better? Even if your renewal deadline is days away, you can bring us in as your “last mile” negotiators, and we’ll improve your final discount by up to 40% in under 7 days. And we only win if you do: there are no hourly fees or hidden surcharges. If we’re successful, we charge a percentage of what we’ve helped you save. It’s money your company wouldn’t have realized otherwise.

Are you facing one of these challenges?

“I have no idea if this is a good deal or not, and I’m under a time crunch to make a decision.”
“Microsoft works on their own terms, we aren’t in a position to walk away from a deal.”
"As tech changes, it is increasingly difficult to know if you are getting a good deal or not. Price isn’t static.”

But wait, how do you negotiate with a company that doesn’t have any real competitors?

You’d think the biggest players wouldn’t have any incentive to negotiate. But many of our clients are surprised that they do - all the time. Check out a few of our recent results:

Are you confident you’re getting the best price & terms?

Let us take a look - the review is always free. You only engage us if we think we can help you do better.