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If you’re negotiating contracts and are not confident you’re getting the best price, book a 10-minute, no-obligation call with us. We’ll take a look at your contracts and licensing agreements and ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.
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We’ll take 4 hours to review, and if we think it’s good to go, we’ll say so - at no cost to you. If we think there’s room for improvement, you can bring us on to help you as you’re negotiating contracts. There are no up-front costs: you pay a percentage of the savings we help you get.

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  • “With Dark Horse, there is no risk, no downside, so you have nothing to lose.”
    - CIO from a global digital marketing agency
  • “Dark Horse was transparent and legitimate, telling you if there is room or not after you have gotten a deal to the best and final offer.”
    -CIO from a global digital marketing agency
  • “Dark Horse works fast. They could move forward with negotiations right away and I liked this about them.”
    -CIO from an international banking service

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