Dark Horse


Software negotiation insights to win
Dark Horse exists to help you navigate the complexities of enterprise software negotiation and get the best possible value for your spend. As former Sales VPs in big tech organizations, we know what that value looks like ‒ and how to level the playing field without any risk to you.

Show us your contract and we’ll tell you right away if:

It’s a good deal and you should go ahead with it
In this case you don’t pay, and walk away with free third-party validation of your contract.
We see meaningful room for improvement
If we think their best offer could be better, you can engage us to help you continue negotiations and get to a better outcome. You pay a percentage of what we help you save. You win, we win.

The Dark Horse difference

Short-term, high value

Count on a 3-7 day turnaround. When we get involved in software negotiation, things move fast.

Exclusive intel

Our Global Advisor Network of over 80 sales and technology leaders gives us unmatched insights on organizations, individuals, deals and disruptions.

Serious savings

We have partnered with a wide range of companies and have negotiated millions in technology contract savings, from AWS to Workday and everything in between.


Straightforward...and straight to the point. We are honest, transparent, with no economic relationships with vendors.

No risk

We only get paid if you save money. So if you win, we win: that’s 100% skin in the game.

You stay in control

You control as much (or as little) of the software negotiation as you want. We act as advisors in the background, sharing intel on who to talk to, when to talk to them and what to say.
  • Dark Horse gave us the confidence that there was a better deal available and told us who the right person is that can pull the lever and make those changes happen. You cannot replicate that.
    -CIO from a global digital marketing agency
  • “We chose Dark Horse over another software negotiation firm because of the easy dialogue we have with them and the quick turnaround time they offer.”
    -CPO from a large healthcare service provider

Our software negotiation approach covers 5 key steps

1. Discovery
Understand the lay of the land.
2. Analysis & Strategy
Strategy huddle to determine approach.
3. Negotiation Cycles
From scenario planning, drafting emails and phone scripts to debrief and analysis.
4. Getting the Yes
Includes final pricing, contract review and vendor communication.
5. Wrap-up & Close
Identify contract savings and calculate fee.

Are you getting the best possible deal on your IT contract?

Let us take a look. The review is always free. Schedule a quick call with us today to see if we can help.