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  • The big publishers have a monopoly. Negotiating software contracts is painful because they’re hesitant to move on price.
  • We aren’t in a position to walk away from this contract: we need it. So these don’t feel like real negotiations. They feel like debates.
  • We aren’t strategic enough. We don’t look at renewals until a month before they expire, which isn’t enough time to go back and forth in IT contract negotiations.
  • We’ve got a bunch of renewals coming up. We don’t have time to negotiate all of them.
  • We’re facing a people shortage. Nobody has the capacity to take on serious negotiations.

Negotiating can be a challenge

You know how the game is played. The enterprise software industry has an 85% gross margin, and there’s almost always room for negotiating software contracts. But you never know how much room. 

 If your Microsoft/Oracle/SAP/AWS renewal is on the table and the vendor is saying “final offer,” how do you know it’s the best they can do?

You call in Dark Horse.

The Dark Horse advantage


Save up to 15% on renewal contracts


3 to 7 days  turnaround

No risk, 
no downside

You only pay if we save you money

Unbiased &

No economic relationships
with vendors

IT Contract negotiation services

Show us your offer. We’ll approve it or improve it ‒ at no risk to you.

Negotiating software contracts is what we do every day.

With a Global Advisory Network of over 80 sales and software leaders, Dark Horse knows the ins and outs of licensing negotiation ‒ and of getting resolutions that leave everyone satisfied with the result.

If you’d like us to review an offer, give us a call. The review is always free: you only engage us if we think we can help you do better.

With Dark Horse in your corner, you get a partner that makes your end game a win-win
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Deep intel puts you at an advantage

Here's how it works:

You negotiate to the vendor’s “best and final” offer

Once you’ve taken it as far as it can go, give us a call to review the deal.

Engage Dark Horse for the last mile

In 4 hours or less, we’ll determine if there’s meaningful room for improvement. If not, you don’t pay.

We help you unlock additional savings

We use exclusive intel from our deep industry network to get you the vendor’s actual best offer.


Call us whenever you are in the final stage of a renewal or new-buy.
  • Dark Horse is aware of what major deals are currently happening...they know where the big deals are and in which regions.
    - CIO from a large retail department store chain
  • Dark Horse was transparent and legitimate, telling you if there is room or not after you have gotten a deal to the best and final offer.
    - CIO from a global digital marketing agency
  • We chose Dark Horse over another firm because of the easy dialogue we have with them and the quick turnaround time they offer.
    - CPO from a large healthcare service provider

Deal advisory services

Additional offerings to help you get the best price, no matter what you're negotiating.

Licensing optimization

Stop paying for what you’re not using: IT cost optimization ensures you don’t overspend on software licensing.

Audit defense

Your best protection against a software audit: avoid big fines and pressure to buy products you don’t need.


Software pricing isn’t transparent. Knowing what other companies have paid is a vital negotiating tool.

Keep more money in your pocket

Got an offer in hand or need intel to support your negotiation?