Office Automation

There is plenty of room for discounts

Microsoft Office and Google Workspace represent some of the biggest spends companies make on software. And organizations almost never change’s just too big a shift. So most people assume that Microsoft pricing strategy and Google pricing strategy are pretty much set in stone and there’s no room for negotiation on renewals.

But the reality is that these contracts are highly negotiable. Our win rate with them is 95%.

It’s rare we can’t get a client significant savings on Microsoft or Google renewals. Perception is the biggest barrier. In an industry with an 85% gross margin, there’s plenty of room for discounts: you just have to know how to make the right argument.

We provide Office Automation consulting for the following vendors

  • Microsoft negotiations are a challenge and get confusing. Dark Horse’s knowledge on how those complicated partner ecosystems function and who you should be pushing for what is helpful.
    - CIO from a global digital marketing agency
  • “We chose Dark Horse over another software negotiation firm because of the easy dialogue we have with them and the quick turnaround time they offer.”
    -CPO from a large healthcare service provider

Down to the wire on a Microsoft contract renewal

Read how Dark Horse came in at the eleventh hour to save a major manufacturer $450K on their Microsoft contract.
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