How does your software agreement

measure up to the industry?

Benchmarking for software agreements

See what other companies are paying

In an industry where the price is different for everyone and nothing is transparent, knowing what comparable companies have paid for similar software agreements is a vital negotiating tool.

Benchmarking is only as useful as the most recent sales. We work with our far-reaching Global Advisory Network to find out who’s paying what, right now, in real time ‒ not what people were paying three weeks ago or two months ago. You’ll see where you fall in comparison, and get a clear understanding of the value you’re getting...or not getting.
  • “Our IT infrastructure group deals with large software brands. You never actually know the market rate of their deals. That is where Dark Horse is useful.”
    -CIO from a retail department store chain
  • “Dark Horse is aware of what major deals are currently happening - they know where the big deals are and in which regions.”
    -CIO from a retail department store chain

Want to beat the benchmark?

We can negotiate a 10%-40% drop in price in a matter of days, with no risk to you. Schedule a quick call to find out more.