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Software audit defense

It’s easy to go over your user limit

As employees come and go, it can be tough to keep track. And the reality is, most companies don’t have time to constantly keep track of who’s using what.

When a software company thinks you’ve got more users than you’re paying for, they can audit you. (And this, as you can imagine, is about as much fun as a CRA audit.) They’ll come in, run their tools, and tell you if you’re over and how much it’s going to cost you per additional user.

Then they use that number as leverage to sell you more.

They might say “want this $1M fine to go away? Buy this $200K worth of licensing you probably don’t need and we’ll call it even.” Most people, of course, would rather part with $200K than be on the hook for the full million. So how do you make sure you don’t get taken for this particular ride? Call us.

Software companies exist to sell you new products.

If you’re a big Oracle shop but you haven’t bought anything new in a while, it’s probably just a matter of time before you get hit with an audit. Realistically, it’s a way in and an excuse to upsell you. (We think of it like a Trojan horse: once they’re in, they can wreak some pretty major havoc on your IT/Operations/HR budget.)

When it comes to software audit defense, Dark Horse can come in and do one of two things:

  1. Help you navigate the audit experience to avoid big fines or feeling forced to buy products you don’t need.
  2. Do a preemptive self-audit to see if you’re out of compliance so you can make any updates you need before a vendor gets involved.
“Relationships with vendors are complex and multidimensional. None are the same. We needed to know how to approach our vendor and in what matter...Dark Horse was that added string to our bow.”
-CIO from a retail department store chain

Are you about to be audited and want someone in your corner?

Schedule a call with us, and our enterprise software consultants will help you get through...with as little pain as possible.