HR Contract Negotiation

How Dark Horse gave a large manufacturer the confidence (+ the resources) to save $180K on their Workday renewal
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The vendor was holding firm

Our client was experiencing a situation all too familiar with technology contracts: a large price increase for an insignificant functionality increase in their Workday contract. This wasn’t a fair change in terms, but our client had grown to rely on this software and couldn’t risk walking away from the negotiation table. The vendor held all the power.

After months of negotiations, our client reached a point where the vendor wouldn't budge any further. Our client was out of resources, out of options and in the dark. They didn’t know if there was anything else they could do besides sign on the dotted line.
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All it took was the Dark Horse perspective

After reviewing the renewal contract, Dark Horse was confident there was room for a better deal. Through our global advisory network of over 80 former sales VPs, we were able to tap into recent insights to see what was truly possible for their specific contract negotiation.

Within 4 hours, we determined the vendor wasn’t showing all of their cards for a deal of this size. Armed with this intel, we advised our client on the best person to approach on the vendor side, along with the appropriate messaging to use. In short, we gave our client the confidence they needed to push back with a credible argument, and it paid off.

Final Offer: $180K saved

With Dark Horse in their corner, we were able to move from stalemate to checkmate, confirming our client’s suspicions that money was being left on the table. The end result was a savings of $180,000, but the real win? Giving our clients key pricing and people intel to negotiate with Workday and get to a fair offer.
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We negotiate tech contracts every day

With a global advisory network of over 80 former Sales VPs, Dark Horse knows the ins and outs of licensing negotiation - and of getting resolutions that leave everyone satisfied with the result. If you'd like us to review a “best and final” offer, give us a call. The review is always free: you only engage us if we think we can help you do better.